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PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2012 7:14 pm
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I spend too much time on the WOW forums. Recently there was a post about "War Fatigue" and people talking about there should be no Orcs or humans, or Blood Elves left by now. Too many have died and die every day at a high rate for the last 8 years. This was a response that I found to be gold:

Clearly all the species in Warcraft have litters of five or six, gestate in two weeks, and fully mature in two years. Like a certain other Blizzard species, our metabolism is fueled by energy sources that defy science and the laws of thermodynamics.

Also, apparently, gnomes have cloning tech.

This may explain why, for example, there are more virmen per square meter of land than there are vegetables for them to feed on and why Outlands has thousands of blood elves around every corner and under half the rocks. There are more blood elves than demons in Outland. So, yeah. We just don't notice this stuff as much in the orcs, humans and other races.

Ever kill some draenei or human woman in armor while questing? What you don't see is about five babies ripping their way free of her corpse to scavenge her armor and report for DUTY.

You guys wait and watch. Jaina will repopulate the ENTIRE blue dragonflight by patch 5.4
There'll be like a hundred eggs just lying around her one day, and no one will think it odd or anything. "Oh, yeah, I just popped those out the other week. No big deal. The spikes hurt a little at first." Alex and Ysera are like "You're one of us now, girlfriend."

We're all zerg here.
(and then the Protoss blast us all from orbit before we can infect the universe worse than the burning legion)

The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.
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